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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Night at the Frights

Playing in the background: The air conditioner.
Laundry hung today: Tons.

Okay, kids, it's time to play Jen Scares Herself Silly With An Asian Horror Flick. The flick is called Shutter, not the dull American remake but the original Thai shockeroo. Get on Netflix while they still have profiles and rent this thing, already. From the spooky shadowy negative that suddenly turns its head and looks at you (aaaigh!!!) to the little old lady with the deep dark secret in the upstairs bedroom to the seriously weird never-saw-that-comin' twist ending, this 'un is a good 'un. Would that the U.S. studios made scarefests like this and gave old Jigsaw a rest.

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Jen Ster said...

And it occurs to me, long after I've sent the movie back, that I should have watched it a second time, because I'm realizing that every single darn thing that happened actually had a non-supernatural explanation. I mean, given the goings-on, the simplest explanation was that the guy was being haunted by the ghost of his dead girlfriend, but he didn't have to be. Maybe he was seeing things because he was mad with guilt. Maybe his new girlfriend was seeing things because she knew on some level that there was something seriously wrong with this dude but she couldn't put her finger on it so her subconscious was giving her clues. The guy at the camera store saw things on the negatives, but he only saw flaws in the film itself, or emulsion tears, or light leakage. The photographer, himself, could have translated those images to the shadow of his dead girlfriend.

Ah, you may say, but what about the car accident? His new girlfriend plowed into somebody out there on the street. Oh, but did she now? Think about it; he was the one that yelled and grabbed the wheel when she was driving. She thought she hit something, but did she think she hit something because he thought they hit something? And note that this was right after the dinner with his friends, his accomplices in the crime that led to his old girlfriend's death. This was one twisty-turny plot. Wow.