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Monday, September 22, 2008

Just Click "Send," Already

Playing in the background: Kitaro, from "Silk Road"
Meters swum today: 1600

After much staring at three small typed paragraphs, and after much prodding from David Isaak who started bugging me about this in February, I finally sent Mindbender to MacMillan New Writers. We'll see what they say. I'm going to drink an entire bottle of champagne and eat a buffet now. Oh, wait, I can't do that anymore. Dammit!!


David Isaak said...

Good on you. Hey, what's the downside?

Might I add that you're a whiz at coming up with titles that are different but clearly go together. That's quite an art (one at which I, alas, suck).

Jen Ster said...

Unfortunately I got the idea to link the titles together from a dreadful trio of vampire romance novels (I know, I know) that Joan had lying around. Possession, Confession and Obsession. Or maybe Repossession. Or Replevin. Anyway, it was kind of sonorous. So is "Shock and Awe," by the way. Well, I think it is.

There's a downside?