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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Paperback Is Out!!

Playing in the background: Rain. Lots and lots of rain.

Well, after a big wrangle with the Lulu powersthatbe regarding spiral wrap vs. perfect bind and the ever so important location of the bar code, the paperback version of No Accounting For Reality is finally out! You can buy it here. And somehow I was able to keep the price at $10. One of the reasons we finally went with the spiral wrap vs. the perfect bind, which I did like ever so much better. Oh well. It's an ugly business, publishing.

In case you're wondering what it's about: Municipal accountant Annie Sipkins tangles with Thor, Loki, the Dallas City Council and the end of the world while trying to save the Tree of Life from Dutch Elm Disease. Accompanied by Thor's (talking) hammer and a sarcastic house cat, Annie navigates the sewer of the collective unconscious, battles frost giants and fends off mashers at the PostMortemBar. Will she succeed before the last caramel machiatto in existence is sucked down by the black hole at the end of all time? Anyway, it's available and you can go get your copy now, or download it for $4 (still a cheap read for a short airline flight.) Enjoy! And yes, Childrens' Medical Center still gets $1 for every copy sold of the e-book through at least December. ($96 and counting, by the way. Which is pretty remarkable considering we've done it almost all a dollar at a time-most of my friends are as broke as I am.)

Hey, speaking of weird fundraisers, remember that guy who yelled "You lie!" at the President during his health care address to Congress? Well, he's a South Carolina representative named Joe Wilson. His Democratic opponent for the 2010 election, Rob Miller, has cleared $1 million in donations, mostly from out of staters, for his campaign war chest since Tuesday evening. Pretty remarkable, considering he only had $60,000 before that. If you'd like to contribute to Mr. Miller's campaign, go here. I sent him $10, myself.

While I was tilting at windmills (and stop me before I subreference again), my friend Kellum Johnson (no relation) also got his book published: The Encyclopedia of Beings from Faith and Folklore. I've seen a proof copy and it is magnificent, complete with art work from my amazing cover artist, Suzi Eberhard. If you like mythology, this is required reading; a fun, snarky, often irreverent look at gods and monsters and other interesting critters that have been fodder for campfire stories since we were all cave men. (And women.) That guy on the cover is a Native American monster referred to as Throws-People-Off-Of-Cliffs. C'mon, with a name like that he's got to have an interesting story. Check it out. Tell em Jen sent you.

Please excuse the shameless self-promotion, but it was either this or a maudlin retrospective on 9/11/2001 and the happy-go-lucky days that followed. Maybe I'll do that next post.

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