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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Well, Guess What, Y'all... looks like yours truly is going to the Pen to Press Writers Retreat after all. In a great confluence of forces all coming together to produce, I dunno, say, the Big Bang and all life in the universe or something, I have somehow managed to attain money to pay for the thing (a Saturday job plus help from a friend), a place to stay (more help from another friend), a cheap plane ticket, and best of all, the suggestion that my new place of employ can do without me for a few days. (Yes, that's probably the longest sentence I've ever written on this blog.) Imagine that. (And that was probably the shortest.)

So I haven't bought the plane ticket yet but everything else is all done. And I'm excited and oh so scared. I mean, these are the Big Boys here and I'm just a little guy. Girl. Whatever. I mean, F. Paul Wilson is going to be there. F. Paul Wilson. Sincerely. And then there's, uh, me. A person could get seriously intimidated. Right now, though, my plan is just to show up, wing it and see what happens. That is usually a good plan. At least, it has worked for me for a long time.

Oh, in news of all things Buddhist-y, happy Wesak! Pick up some flowers today just for the heck of it and give somebody a piece of fruit. It's trad.

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