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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mini-Post: Saw My Doc Yesterday

Quick update on the hypoglycemia thing. I saw my doc yesterday and she took me off two of the four drugs that are probably making my symptoms worse. (I say "probably" because nobody really knows for sure how these drugs are actually going to work on each person; there's a whole lot of try-it-and-see that goes on. Ferexample, I couldn't take Paxil. It gave me St. Vitus's Dance, fergodsakes. Yet lots of people take Paxil every day and feel much better. What's really scary is that some of them, the docs and even the pharmaceutical companies who make them don't know how they work at all. "Well, we think they slow the re-absorption of serotonin in the brain." You think? Shouldn't you check on that?) To balance that out, she increased the dose on two of the other ones. So I may feel better and I may feel about the same, or, more distant odds, I may feel worse. We'll Just Have To Wait And See. Meanwhile, she thinks I should stay on the veggies-and-grain-train. POX!! I know, I know. Ten more days.


Cele said...

Ack! There's nothing like being a pharmeceutical company's guinea pig.

Hang in there.

Kellum said...

Yikes! You weren't kidding, you always get the weirdest side effects of anything!

Jen said...

And the odd thing is, on the new doses I feel -- pretty good, actually. No St. Vitus's Dance thus far.