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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Talk Thursday: Whot's It Going To Be Then, Eh?

I stole this topic from "A Clockwork Orange." I hope Anthony Burgess doesn't crawl out of his grave and sue me, the litigious zombie. But it's perfect for my current dilemma. It's right up there with to be or not to be, that is the question. Oops, I just nudged another litigious zombie--sorry, Mr. Shakespeare. Ye gods, zombies everywhere. I've gotta stop watching these late night episodes of The Walking Dead, even if it is the coolest show on TV by a comfortable margin. Go, Sheriff Grimes! Or is it Deputy Grimes? I never did figure that out.

Remember a couple weeks back when I said I got tired of writing this? Or at least I didn't know how safe it was anymore? I mean, it's not like I'm in Egypt or anything, and I'm not gonna spend four years in prison like Kareem Amer, but this thing with my ex coworker is really bringing me down, folks. The whole mess just reared its ugly head again when it came to the attention of some People in Charge at my office. No, I'm not in trouble, but the People in Charge now know this blog exists. The reason I'm not in trouble, of course, is that I've never said anything that reflects poorly on, or for that matter identifies, The Firm. And they know that because they've read it, or at least part of it, at least once. I hope it wasn't while Mr. Naked Guy was up there on the front page, but if it was, well, so it goes. Remind me to get Mr. Naked Guy a fig leaf before he fades into the archives.

A blog is, of course, not exactly a secret. What you put on the Internet stays on the Internet, likely for all time. But anybody who has a blog usually goes to SOME trouble to disguise one's true identity (like Batman) and not to alert certain people to its existence. Like, for example, one's bosses. In my case, I use separate e-mail accounts, and the screw-up was sending an e-mail to the wrong person from the wrong account. Very stupid. But it happened. And so now I'm back to the same dilemma I'm in before. Is it ever safe to write about real life? Work? Things legal? Or should I just take a giant step out of all of it and stick to nice safe esoteric topics like airport security, writing and raccoons in the back yard?

Whot's it going to be then, eh?

You'll notice I haven't panicked and taken the whole blog down, like this lady allegedly did after the TSA responded to her blog post (interesting analysis of the whole story here). I thought about it, but I'm just not that kinda gal. But it is kind of a creepy feeling. I'm awfully darn circumspect at the office. I hardly talk about my personal life, opinions, etc. at all. And yet here it all is. And now somebody's found it. Maybe. Possibly.

Whot's it going to be then, eh?

It's late and I'm tired and I haven't a clue at the moment.


Marcia Wall said...


Jen said...

I know, right? I mean, I'm sure my manager doesn't really care what's in my sock drawer, but still...

Cele said...

The first thing I did when I hit the net (thanks to my savvy daughter) was come up with a moniker that meant something to me, give everyone in my real life fictious (but names that mean something to me) and say things that are only glowing of anyone who is active on the net. I can't dig internet karma so I try to be really good. If you go dark please email me your new blog addy, I'd be heart broken with out your writes. You often inspire me to at least think about writing a blog.

Jen said...

I don't plan on going dark; that would be shutting the barn door after the horse - yeah. Besides, I'm stubborn. And I doubt anybody in Management bothered to read back 3 years and 308 ish entries; they probably just read the last half dozen or so, or ran a search for pertinent names (and didn't find them). Is anybody interested in my musings on Elisabeth Fritzl or the joys of getting my closet door open? Doubtful. The big question is what to write about now. I've really tried to keep these two worlds separate and here they've collided. Again, my fault. But still. No matter how you might wanna believe to the contrary, people act different when they know Somebody Pertinent might be watching. Not that y'all aren't pertinent, but none of ya write me a pay check, if ya get my drift. Is it still okay to use the F word? Talk politics? Gay marriage? Oh, and the biggie: B------ d-------? Oops, I just said it. Except I didn't. See what I mean?