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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mini-Post: Rapture Report II

Well, whaddya know! There's Blogger kiosks in Heaven!

(j/k) - Okay, it's past 5 California time and everyone still seems to be around. Even my lawn guy, who is a saint. So, no Rapture today, kids. We'll add this to the list of doomsdays I and the planet have inexplicably survived. (White Nights, the Emmanuel David prophecies, Helter Skelter, 1989, Hale-Bopp, 23 in 1998, 45 in 1999, Y2K, Halley's Comet and 65 more between 2001 and 2010--somebody add that up, it's getting to be quite a list).

Disappointed that so much time and money and energy and brain synapses got burned up on this nonsense. Think of the number of hungry kids we could have fed, low-income housing units we could have built, problems we could have solved. To say nothing of people who would have made good Christians, that saw this sort of thing as What It's All About and walked away. You know, kind of like I did. Okay, in my case it was an overpriced organ, not an overpriced Rapture, and I'll tell you about it sometime, and I'm happy with being a Buddhist, but still, it was kind of sad. The Road Not Taken always carries with it a certain element of sadness.

Anyway, I guess I'll be showing up at work on Monday after all. Have a good rest of the weekend, everybody.


Cele said...

I kind of feel bad for the people who believed him, didnt' save their money, quit their jobs, and ... er no, I only feel sad that they are that sad, guilible, and desparte.

Jen said...

I feel bad for them, too. There could be a lawsuit in this. Intentional infliction of emotional distress or something. And what about those folks who gave away houses, cars, etc.? How do they get them back? There could be a niche legal market here. Let me talk to my boss...