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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mini-Post: It's All About The Stubborn

Ya know, I used to think getting an agent/getting published was all about Believing In Yourself And Your Work. (I think somebody told me that.) Now, two years into the grand adventure, having battled bipolar disorder, the twin dinosaurs of anxiety and sudden panic (though Caesar does a good job of keeping them out of the kitchen most of the time) and of course a parade of rejection slips, I have come to believe that getting published is all about being stubborn. Quit after eight rejections? Hell no. 80? Certainly not. 800? Maybe. 8,000? Okay, at 8,000 it's time for another project, but until then, soldier on, soldier. Oh, and it wouldn't kill you to Believe In Yourself And Your Work but that's hardly a requirement. I'm living proof.


Cele said...

Girl Friend don't give up. The lady who wrote Pay It Forward recieved over 122 rejection slips before selling her first story. GlimmerTrain

Dont' give up.

Cele said...

hmmmm my link didn't work.