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Monday, July 7, 2014

Mini-Post: Swim for Distance Progress Report

Hello all - just a mini-post to let you know that as of this morning, I'm at 6800 meters, which comes to roughly 4.25 miles. So far I've nailed a solid 1600, or more, each time out, which is great.  I will confess to having taken Sunday off because I was pooped.  We'll see if I can squeeze in a Tuesday or a Thursday this week to cover for it.  Otherwise, all is more or less well except for the cats, who are all having various and sundry issues.  On the plus side, Caesar seems to be eating more food and has perhaps gained a tiny amount of weight (to be confirmed by the vet this Saturday); at least, he doesn't feel as bony when I pick him up.  Sparrow, on the other hand, had an abscess that burst and ended up getting rushed to the vet.  Don't ask, it was gross.  And Chloe?  I think Chloe has fleas. Which means they all have fleas, darn it.

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