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Friday, May 16, 2008


Sorry for the quietude lately. Between the audit at work and my old friend Melissa suddenly appearing in town (more on that later) it's been a little crazy around here. But I did want to let you all know that Joan and I got married.

Five years ago.

However, it's now a legal marriage, says the Supreme Court of California. We just wrote to the Secretary of State asking for our certificate. The way I read the decision (and I know I'm not a lawyer, but I can play one for myself) we don't have to do it again. We're already married. If not, we'll be there in July doing it again. And I don't wanna hear all the stuff about "But you guys live in Texas and it's not legal there." Texas has to accept it. Loving v. Virginia, 1968. They won't, of course. They'll kick and scream and there will be lawsuits and somebody will invoke the Defense of Marriage Act and it'll get dragged through the courts for years. But they will accept it, eventually. Last time I checked the Constitution trumps pretty much any other law ever passed.

But ya know, all of that's incredibly unimportant. When we got married, we were married for a little less than a year before the court told us we weren't married. Then a couple years later we were married again, and then we weren't, and now we are. And finding out I'm married is probably the best thing that happened during a very rough week.

Look, we didn't have much of a wedding. It was at somebody's condo complex clubhouse. We didn't have a lot of money and it wasn't like we could expect anyone to help out. After all, we weren't "really" getting married. It was all just a cheap excuse to throw a bash and wear white. (I don't look good in white.) That was some people's attitude. The pastor wouldn't even have the thing at the church for fear of getting in trouble with the bishop. So, yes, we got "married." And then yesterday all the "quotation marks" went away.

Last night, I had dinner with my wife. (Yes, Joan, I know you hate being called a wife.)


David Isaak said...

Well, severely belated congratulations. So this will be your fifth anniversay? That's "wood," I believe.

I have to say that may favorite part of the latest legal kerfuffle on this topic has been the continuing citation of Loving versus Virginia, which is one of the funniest case names ever.

Especially after the Virginia Visitors Bureau spent all that money on "Virginia is for Lovers"...

Jen Ster said...

No kidding re: Virginia. The elder lady of that couple died recently. At the time that case was litigated (and many scads of years prior) certain unenlightened folks thought that a white person marrying a black person was like a white person marrying, I dunno, a monkey. It was Completely Unthinkable and when you realize how utterly silly that seems now, the whole argument about gay marriage just sort of dissolves like a Ben-Gay throat strip under the onslaught of a mouthful of diet Coke. Geez, where did that come from? Back to work, me.