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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day, Joan's Birthday and other significant goings-on

Sorry for lack of postage lately. Here's a quick catch-up on all things Jen:

  • It's Joan's birthday. She's one year before one of those "0" years. She says to miss the whole "0" year thing she's going to be "_1" for two years in a row; I might do likewise. I, too, am coming up on that one year before one of those "0" years. Different year, though.
  • It's Mother's Day. I sent her a nice rosemary bush.
  • Jenna Bush got married. I'm sure that was all very nice.
  • My old friend Melissa that I literally haven't seen in 20 years is coming through town on her way to her new place in Alaska and so I'm taking Wednesday morning off. I haven't taken a morning off in ages.
  • We're being audited at work and I'm plowing through reams of old files in search of obscure facts about cases I never worked on.
  • Joan and I got invited to stay with my folks at their vacation home in Sandy Eggo over the Fourth of July weekend. Actually, it's a house that belongs to some friends of theirs who will be out of town, but hey, it's a nice house.
  • Joan got herself a new iPod for her birthday and gave me her old Nano, which is like my Shuffle only it has a screen. Which is, of course, totally cool.
  • In an effort to be eco-friendly, and also because I'm cheap as hell, I got us a clothesline. Sun and wind are free.
  • When you hang stuff to dry on the clothesline, the sun and wind don't do a very good job of getting the cat hair off of things.
  • Panties look rude hanging on a clothesline. I don't know why, they just do. I started hanging them sideways because I'm a prude.
  • Not running the dryer makes it lots cooler in the house.
  • Our neighbor's daughter graduated from UT Arlington yesterday and they had a big bash. My walls were vibrating with Mexican polka music. Well, that's okay. They're nice folks.
  • I got Joan a series of Tarot card reading lessons for her birthday. I got to go along for part of the first one. The teacher has two cats. They are awesome. The lessons sounded kind of cool, too.
  • Lisa, my old boss from when I worked for the Feds, came by to see me for about five minutes. That was cool.
  • It's late. I'm tired.

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