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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Post-Election High

Meters swum today: Zero. 1700 yesterday though.
Playing in the background" "Audio Visions" on DirecTV Music

Maybe my excitement about Obama winning the election has finally surpassed my gloom about Proposition 8, or maybe it's just a beautiful fall day in Texas, but I feel really good today. I had a great day yesterday I went to the pool, then to the Maria Kannon Zen Center and sat for an hour. I may hang out there more often. One thing I don't like about Awakening Heart is that they talk too much!! I get very shy in religious situations and I'd just rather sit and be still & know God and all that. In Zen they face the wall, don't speak, and just chant a little at the end. Which is really nice sometimes. It's very quiet there too. For a brief spell in college I hung out with the Quakers and they're big on silence, also.

After the Zen center I went to a write-in at Half Price Books and wrote a lot, about 4000 words or something of my November novel, which is really a tremendous amount. Also sold a box of books which paid for about half of Tammy's birthday present. Oh! And they had these Buddha journals for sale!! I haven't seen em since last year and the one I got is long since filled up. I just got one but I should have grabbed three or four. I'll go back next week after I get paid. I also had a tiramisu at the coffee shop which is just about the best thing I've ever tasted in my life. (Did I ever tell you how I first met my brother in law? Trying to sound like I knew what I was talking about I said, "I hear you're a Tiramisu Buddhist." He said, "No, Theravada. Tiramisu is an Italian dessert." How embarrassing.)

Went home afterward and took a nap, after which Kellum came over and gave a us a massage. Followed by T&T and pizza. Followed by the movie "The Edge" on FMC - Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin get lost in the wilderness and square off with Bart the Bear (featuring Bart as himself). Extraordinarily well-acted and well done. The music is also just unbelievable. I may try to track down the soundtrack.

Sorry to go on and on. It was just an awesome day. Today I am doing laundry and that is also fine. I might rake leaves later and that, too, will be fine. Not the Tyranny of Fine but fine anyway.


David Isaak said...

Hey, buck up on this Prop 8 thing. You can always get married again somewhere Back East.

It's an interestng situation. If they keep this stuff up, legalizing and delegalizing, potentially you could be married several times without ever being divorced, widowed, or a polygamist.

And think of how many toasters you'll have!

Jen Ster said...

No kidding, we've been married three times now. And we are seriously thinking about going to Connecticut but we'll see what happens in Cali first.

In Texas there's an interesting twist to the verbiage of the "man must marry woman law" about the recognition of out of state marriages. I don't speak constitutional law so I can't say as I understand the details but according to the lawyer who wrote the article, the Texas Supremes could very well end up ruling if out of state gay marriages are not recognized in Texas, as nearly everyone expects, neither are any other out of state marriages (which no one expects). After which much hilarity will no doubt ensue. Maybe they should change the marriage vows to read, "Till death or the state line do you part..."