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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year and Friday Frights (on Saturday)

Playing in the background: The penultimate David Tennant episode of "Doctor Who." Part Two airs about 7:30, so count me out for the duration.

Happy New Year everybody! If you're like me, you're not nearly so happy that 2010 has started than you are that 2009 is finally over. I'm certainly glad it's over. Seriously, wasn't it the year from hell? Okay, we had a brand new president, and the economy got marginally better. I'll give you that. But here in Jen and Joan Land, we got older, tireder, sicker and seriously low on dough. Cats got fleas (and worms) and upper respiratory infections, Jen bled cash from a bipolar wound all over the pharmacy and the therapist's couch, Joan needed an expensive sleep study, and just in general, things kind of sucked. Kellum's ferret suffered an untimely demise. Even Dr. Who is about to kick the bucket, though being the Doctor, he'll come back in a new body and go on to save the galaxy countless more times. But seriously. Enough, already. Let's move on.

For our last Friday fright of 2009 (even though I didn't see it until today), we have Paranormal Activity, a weird little flick about a haunted house (more like a haunted human) shot documentary style. Whatever you've heard about this movie doesn't begin to do it justice, so let's just say it: SEE THIS MOVIE. I'm giving it an AWESOME (four stars) but that aside, it's just really frick'n scary. The doc-shoot style makes it seem very real and in your face. Plus, it was filmed in San Diego. Gotta love my former hometown.

And that's all I've got to say today. Strange, huh? Bring on part two of "The End Of Time," Mr. Davies. I'm ready.


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Jen said...

Uh, right. Seconding that?