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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mini-Post: Blocked by LifeSite News!!

You guys, I'm pleased to announce that I have been blocked by LifeSite News!!  This is a milestone in blog history; I don't think I've ever been blocked by anybody before.  Nor can I think of anything particular I might have done to piss them off lately, besides breathing. Imagine, a pro-life Buddhist blocked by a Christian anti-abortion site.  Oh, wait, it's probably that whole passing-laws-against-abortion-would-only-make-things-worse thing that I have.  Yeah, that must be it.

Being blocked by LifeSite News is sort of like being picketed by the Westboro Babtist Church:  You gotta do something really good to get their attention.  Here was the post I was going to make before I found out about my status as a blockee.

The Justina Pelletier case may be a rare opportunity for people from both sides of the political fence to come together to work for a good outcome.  I don't know anybody in my left-leaning wing who thinks that the state of Massachusetts was at all justified in seizing Justina.  If you locked up your child, ignored her when she said she was in pain and denied her medical treatment, you'd go to jail for child abuse.  The state of Massachusetts, on the other hand, keeps getting favorable court rulings.  This should horrify any feeling person.  I predict that there will soon be a "Justina's Law" to keep cases like this from happening again, and I hope both Republican and Democratic lawmakers will come together to make that happen.  

Pretty inflammatory, huh?  You can see why they blocked me.  Whoo hoo!!

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