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Friday, April 25, 2014

Mini-Post: The Widder Adamson Has A Brand New Band!

13 years ago, Stuart Adamson committed suicide, shocking millions of fans and just incidentally, breaking my heart.  I have my own theories about why that happened, but mostly I keep them to myself.  And hey, Big Country recently came back from the dead with new front man Mike Peters and toured the world (and I saw them twice in Texas, which was awesome), but I've never managed to fall hard for a band the same way I did for BC.

Until now. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Fun.  Yes, that's the band name.

Go check them out on their Web site,  They do good stuff.  They make good music.  They make deucedly odd videos.  This one's for the breakaway hit, "Some Nights."

And here's my current favorite, "Carry On." 

Enjoy! I just got the CD two days ago and I don't think it's coming back out of my car stereo for another couple of weeks at least.  

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