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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Surely This Is Symbolic Of Something or Other.

I hab a code. At least I thig I hab a code. Sobetibes I thig I hab a code whed I actually hab pneumonia but I thig this is just a code. I'b sleepig on the couch a lot and I had this dreab where I was hangig around a hotel roob in Los Angeles with Joad. She wanted to buy a house there and I was tryig to convince her anythig over $300,000 was Right Out. Of course everythig in Los Angeles is butch bore than that so id was startig to look like we would be stuck id the hotel roob for all eternity. Beanwhile, id the real world, Joad got her tax refund. Yay! You spose there's any coincidence or anythig?

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