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Monday, March 17, 2008

Watch out! She's hyperfertile again!!

Playing on the iPod: More of the Most Soporific, er, Relaxing New Age Music in the Universe
Meters swum today: 1600

And I fought for every single one of those 1600, let me tell you. For some reason the pool was really crowded. There are usually two, sometimes four people in my lane. Today there were seven. The guy in the lead was way too fast for our lane, but the next lane up also had seven humans and beyond seven I'm not sure you could manage. I spent the whole swim trying to keep up or clinging to the side hoping not to get run over. Geez. Getting to 1600 was almost a miracle. At least I think it was 1600. I lost count.

I'm back in hyperfertile mode, folks. I wrote most of a chapter yesterday between loads of laundry and raking the yard, and I've got most of the next two mapped out. Good thing I don't sleep with men because I think I'd quicken if one of them so much as breathed on me right about now. Contrary to popular belief, being fat has absolutely nothing to do with your ability to get knocked up. Nor does being lesbian, and get this, most of us do it the old fashioned way.

That aside, however, Spellbinder is once again going great guns after about a week off. I've just written the Best Chapter Ever, and the way I know that is, coming to the end of it, I said to myself, "My writers group is just going to hate this." The more I think they'll hate it, the more they usually like it. I'm not sure why that is.

Anyway, I'm wrestling with the big issue of Revealing Too Much Too Soon. Yesterday my hero, twelve-year-old Cameron, found out that somebody he cared for quite a bit in the last book isn't quite as dead as he appeared to be at the end of Mindbender. Now the big question is, what's he going to do with this piece of information? Cameron that is, not the dead guy who isn't dead anymore. (Hey, I never said he was dead. You can look it up. Well, you could if it was published, which it's not.) Probably nothing until he verifies it; he's an analytical guy. But then what? Is he going to tell anybody? Or is he going to keep this to himself? This could change everything. This could be huge.

If I could give him advice (which I can't; like most twelve-year-olds, he pretty much does what he wants most of the time) I'd tell him he has to Tell Someone Immediately. I've been after one of my other characters to tell Cameron something important for a month now, and she's shown no sign of doing it. Obstreperous wench. What's she trying to do, create suspense or something?

Luckily for me, I've got at least a week and a half to figure this out. After which I'll stop being hyperfertile again, and all bets are off. Meantime, nobody breathe on me.

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