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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Century Mark!

Playing on the iPod: Paul Horn, "Amazonia" from Brazilian Images (I'm not much of a jazz fan, but this one speaks to me)
Meters swum today: 1600
Kilometers swum in July, Swim for Distance Month: 24.4

I finally hit 100 miles in the pool for the year -- 102, actually, as of this morning. Very cool. I'm not gonna make 25 miles for July, but I might make 20 or 22. That's a big increase over the typical month (12-16 miles).

Honestly, the last thing I look like is a distance swimmer. Swimmers tend to be tall, lanky, and have very long arms. I'm short, fat, and have legs like tree trunks. I have no wingspan to speak of (little chicken arms) and a pair of enormous floater bouys (that's breasts to you non-swimmers) that play hell with my center of gravity. This should disqualify me (and it probably would, from the Olympics or something) but nobody on my team seems to mind. I think they thought I was kind of cute at first - a mascot or something. I even had a nickname. "Fireplug." Now I'm just one of the gang. And ya know, one of the gang is not a bad thing to be.

How far is 102 miles, you may be wondering. Well, ponder this: It's like swimming across the English channel. Five times. Later!

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