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Friday, July 11, 2008

Swim For Your Life!

Playing on the iPod: "Catch the Moments as they Fly" from Celtic River (awesome!)
Meters swum today: 2100
Kilometers swum in July: 7.7 of 40.2

Well, just when water couldn't get any wetter, along came "Swim For Distance Month" at Dallas Aquatic Masters. Yes, my swim team has "theme months." Not long ago we had a "breast stroke month" and I nearly deleted the announcement when it showed up in my mailbox, thinking it was some kind of porno spam. But anyway. The goal of Swim For Distance Month is to knock off 40.2 kilometers, or 25 miles for you Yankees, in a 31-day time span. Since I was gone from July 2 to July 8, I only get a 23-day time span. What this means is, instead of going to the pool four times a week, I'm going to be there every darn day, except some Sundays. (And, I gotta knock off a mile and a quarter each time, or I'll never make it.)

What do you get at the end? A cool t-shirt and a pat on the head. This prompted Joan to ask why I didn't just buy myself a t-shirt and spare myself the trouble. But anyway. This was my third day. If my arms don't fall off at the shoulders, I think I'll be fine.

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