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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rejected By Tricycle Magazine

Playing on the iPod: "Robin Adair" by the Black Watch
Meters swum today: 2000
Kilometers swum in July, Swim for Distance Month: 20.9

Dear Ms. __________,

Thank you for your previous essay submission, "Losing Gally." We are sorry we were not able to reply any sooner, as organizational issues kept your essay in the backlog for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, your article does not meet Tricycle's requirements at this time.

We frequently receive essays on insights and lessons learned from the myriad of phenomena that compose our lives (including cats!), and we enjoy hearing about how the simplest things can lead to the most the most profound lessons. However, we found your essay was not pertinent enough to Buddhism for publication in our magazine.

We are very glad you thought of Tricycle, and we wish you luck in placing your work elsewhere.

Sincerely, etc.

Not Pertinent Enough To Buddhism. I love it. Not content with merely flaunting its intellectual superiority and more-Buddhist-y-than-thou, Tricycle Magazine is now grading my relevance as a writer. I guess I am not surprised, just kind of sadly amused. I knew I should have called myself Ven. Gandalf Aragorn Rimpoche when I submitted the silly thing.

Course, it's also possible they saw my post about the DharmaCrafts Catalog...

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