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Sunday, July 20, 2008

So how's the book going? you ask.

Well, you didn't ask, but--Spellbinder continues to go great guns. I'm closing in on The End, maybe fifty pages or so from now. And what do I do for my next trick? Well, howabouts getting the first one published so the second one can have some kind of existence? You think maybe? I seem to be stuck again. I told David two weeks ago I'd be sending the silly thing to MacMillan and then I didn't do it. I'm liking Spellbinder a whole lot more than its predecessor. Can you publish part two of a trilogy first? Hey, Douglas Adams wrote a five part trilogy and it wasn't even called Confession, Obsession, Possession, Repossession and Replevin. Okay, that doesn't rhyme.

Chloe the Cat just leaped across the keyboard and left a stray P someplace. Now I can't find it. I think she likes the laptop because it is warm. Which is odd because it's about a million degrees outside and when I hung up the laundry, I could pretty much take down the first pillowcase by the time I finished hanging the last one.

I'm procrastinatingp. Can you tell?

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