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Friday, July 4, 2008

Nuptials complete!

Playing in the background: The pool cleaner. We're hanging out at the honeymoon chateau in Escondido, CA.
Meters swum today: Hard to say. I was trying to stay in the shade.

Well, gang, Joan and I are legally married. It only took about ten minutes, which sure isn't a lot of time for the 12-year buildup. There were three other couples getting married while we were at the courthouse, two sets of ladies, a male Army officer (looking resplendent in his dress uniform) and his pretty female fiance (who looked about twelve, but then everyone under 30 looks about twelve to me). My folks were there, some of our friends watched on the Internet, I only cried a little bit and my sister was there via cell phone. Very cool. I was kind of unprepared for how this hit me. Course we've been married for years but it's still different now, kinda. Not sure I can explain further than that except that we are very happy...


Joan took a bad misstep outside a restaurant a couple of days ago and hurt her leg so she is limping around with a brace on. Nothing broken, fortunately, just a bad sprain, but bad enough we had to go to the emergency room, have it looked at and all that. So she's kind of out of commission which means no climbing Yosemite this year. I can't tell you how much that breaks my heart. We will be going to Balboa Park tomorrow, though, and I'll be scooting her around in a wheelchair. Not sure how well that's going to work. My sister will be there with her husband Mike, too, and we'll be scooting him around in a wheelchair (he broke his hip a few months back) so it'll be like Spouses on Wheels or something.

Back to the honeymoon. Later, kids.

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David Isaak said...

Congratulations. Now you'll have to learn all the anniversary presents (paper, wood, formica, or however it goes).

Have fun!