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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Con is On

Playing on the iPod: "Castles in Spain" by the Armoury Show (long version)
Meters swum today: 1400

Just a quick update here: I'm going to a convention called "Gallifrey One" in Los Angeles tomorrow. I haven't been to L.A. since 2001 or so, so it should be interesting. By the way, in Texas, LA means Louisiana, not Los Angeles. I keep forgetting.

Anyway, "Gallifrey One" is a gathering of Dr. Who fanatics, and if you're not watching the show on BBC America, where have you been? Actually I'm not the fanatic--that would be Joan, my S.O.--but I do like it and I'll watch it if it's on. I can't help but be impressed by any show that's managed to be on the air for the better part of forty years. Not even Gunsmoke managed that.

As kind of a casual fan, I can't imagine what it'll be like running around with some large number of teenage boys with computers for brains, but hey, I'll try anything once. There will be a couple of the show's writers, there, also, and one thing about this show, it has really good scripts. Always has, even if the special effects were not so great from, oh, the beginning until three years ago. So I'm looking forward to hanging with other writers, if they allow me into their company. If nothing else, I can hang around in the lobby with my laptop. Yes, I have a laptop. So sue me.

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