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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gallifrey Two

Hey, I didn't know I could blog remotely with this thing! Blackberries rock! Except that there's no reception through most of the con-oh well. I was surprised that most of the fans were NOT teenage boys but mid-thirties adults on up, an even mix of men and women, most very nice, a few nuts (they always find me, it must be the breasts) and almost all possessed of wicked senses of humor. Nice bunch of folks. During technical failure at one of the programs two of the presenters got up, danced, sang ("What a wonderful world") and told jokes, with minor encouragement, or should I say heckling, from the audience. This was followed by a game of "Stump the Asian" and random hilarious comedy about whatever the projector was tossing out.

Went to a screening of my favorite episode, "Blink", with the writer, Stephen Moffett, providing live commentary. He also wrote the show "Jeckyll" if any of you saw that. His idea for the weeping angels came from the fact that Dr. Who monsters, and monsters generally, are scarier when you don't see them. What he set out to do was create a monster that you only see when it's not moving, the effect being that he created a monster that does nothing. Well, he used it to very scary effect! He also won a Hugo for that episode.

The high point of the evening was an MST-3K version of an episode I had never seen, called "Silver Nemesis", which wasn't a very good episode so snarky commentary could only help. Good fun. There was a "Buffy" sing along after that with the episode "Once more with feeling" but I just couldn't keep my eyes open for that.

Anyway, having a great time out here. More to follow.

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