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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gallifrey confidential

I met Sylvester McCoy! He played the 7th Doctor in the early 90s and is currently in King Lear (opposite Ian McKellen) in a touring production. He is the nicest guy! Warm, friendly, great sense of humor, very down to earth. His co-star, Sophie Albrecht (I may have that last name wrong) is also very nice, sweet lady. I was in the Jaccuzzi this morning with her two kids. By the way, this place is fabulous! Well appointed, nice pool, 24 hour fitness center, good food and cheap! (I'll stick in a link later to the Airport Marriott. Online time costs me by the minute here so I must be brief.)

Last night, fantastic costume contest (sci fi people do the best costumes)--there was a four year old dressed up like a Cyberman and a really really good Martha Jones. My favorite was the drunken Tenth Doctor from the episode, "The Girl In the Fireplace." Had to be seen to be experienced tho.

Today we're meeting the writer who wrote most of my favorite episodes, "Blink," "The Empty Child," and the awesome and scary BBC series "Jeckyll." Haven't got much writing done myself, but hey, I've met a lot of strange characters.

Gotta run!

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