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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Okay, it's done.

Playing in the background: The Oscars - somebody making a long exhaustive speech, which is marginally better than the musical number they just did
Leaves raked today: Billions. I spread fertilizer, too.

I did it -- I sent a letter to an agent. A wise soul (Joan) pointed out to me that I didn't need an exhaustive list of persons to contact as long as I knew who I was sending to next. And I do. And so I don't have to tell you all about everyone I've ever smooched, which is just as well because I'd have put you all to sleep. Nothing gets my butt in gear like a deadline. Why is that? Why can't I just be hyper-responsible and do things I'm supposed to do when I'm supposed to do them?

Well, for whatever reason, I can't. But I did send the letters. And I'm going to bed now. Every single muscle in my back is trying to kill me.

Confidential to Javier Bardim: Will you play Roland in the movie version of Mindbender? You can use your real accent. Oh, and congratulations!

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