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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sometimes there's no comment required.

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Here's the headlines from my "MyWay" page. I'm not making these up.

Clinton and Obama Clash over NAFTA, Iraq--Hm, I didn't know there was a NAFTA, Iraq. I also didn't know that either Clinton or Obama had enlisted, much less on opposite sides.

Expert details White House e-mail risk--Yes, I can see a certain risk in letting a certain President anywhere near a computer

Power back on after outages hit Florida--Well, that's a good thing. How else could they check the headlines on their MyWay page?

Army: Iraq combat tours to be cut.--I guess those two-week all inclusive Euphrates River cruises just weren't selling.

Marines want probe of armored vehicle delay--I've read this six times and it still sounds dirty to me.

Age bias case returned for more review--Great. Hope nobody dies of old age while they're waiting.

Court questions money laundering cases--What were the questions, "How can I get in on the deal"?

New case of mad cow in Canada confirmed--It was easy to spot the mad cow. He was the one yelling, "Our health care system is in crisis! Let's do it like they do it in the United States, eh?"

Buried seed vault opens in the Arctic--
Good to know that in case of global disaster, all we have to do is go to the Arctic, find the seed vault, get the seeds, and take them to somewhere they'll grow--all without airplanes, cars, snow cats, or high-tech digging equipment. Way to go, boys.

Am I too cynical, you think?

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